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It has taken me many years to define myself as someone other than the job I do, I owned my faults, but it took me a long time to own the things I was good at, claim my power. The words we use about ourselves, in our inner and outer worlds are very important and a key to manifesting the sort of world we want to create. So I went to a tree I know to ask for guidance. What follows is an attempt at thinking about myself differently to how I have done before. In this Now moment what you will read is my truth. This is the Best of me on the Best of days. For us both - I hold your hand in dark spaces. I let go so that you might fly. I see you. I hear you. I love you. I help you find the keys to your locked doors of knowing and loving. I suggest places where you might have lost them. I guide, knowing you are the driver. We share our tears, our fears, our laughter.

For myself, I am Maiden, Mother, Grandmother, and Crone. (Maiden is a bit harder to access these days!)

My heart sings and I am blessed!

I am Shadowdancer.

I am Owl, but also Wren.

I am Wise Woman.

I am Mother.

I am Earth.

Favourite line from a song - "they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem".

With Love and Blessings


Originally trained in Druidry, Ian has been running Mother Earth Journeys in partnership with Del Woods for seven years. His inspiration comes though 'good natured people and nature itself'.  


Ian works with the wisdom of the natural world, helping people empower themselves, express their unique creative voice and build a sustainable role in community. He passionately believes that, by slowing down to the pace of nature, we can notice the abundant healing and life lessons that are all around us.

Welcome to the 'TEAM' page where each member of the 'Oak~Spirit' organisers will introduce themselves.

The team listing is in no particular order and the page will be added to as each member says "hello'.


Taryn Shrigley is another member of the team of 'Oak Spirit' organisers, she designed our logo and website. She is a visionary artist inspired by native British spirituality and myth. She is currently illustrating a set of Tarot cards called 'The Druid Bird Tarot' https://www.facebook.com/DruidBirdTarot/ inspired by over 30 years of experience as a Druid Shaman. She works with her husband Stuart Wightman to facilitate journey work using sound, colour and guidance. She also crafts and paints drums and rattles. Through her art she hopes to uplift and enlighten others.

Hello my name is Stuart and I am a Druid and an 'Awenydd'. So what is an 'Awenydd' I hear you ask.

The word is Welsh and describes someone who has the ability to enter into a state of being to commune with the unseen world in order to benefit others via inspiration.

I have over 25 years of experience working within the field of Druidry and Consciousness, and I have studied extensively with Caitlin and John Mathews, RJ Stewart, Cait Branigant, and Tira Brandon-Evans.

Part of my time is dedicated to working as a complementary therapist in a rehabilitation centre, where I help enable people who have addiction problems to recover. My vocation is from an intuitive and energetic perspective helping others to empower themselves.



DK Green has lived in Derbyshire since he was barely double figures and loves working and walking with this land in one of the prettiest, green hilly bits of England.

He is a holistic therapist; fully qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, life coach, facilitator and guide, specialising in GSRD (gender, sexuality and relationship diversities) with an ongoing client base of 30 (local to international) ...and always with one foot in the spiritual and shamanic worlds.

He is a parent and grandparent several times over, a trans-man (he), all about love, life, laughter, family & friends. He looks forward to sharing teachings with you all around 'attaining balance in self' through the wonderful lens of the elements and the earth.


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